A Lace Compound Couerte

If you work this braid alone, this is "A Open Lace" [t4]. Don't twist the loops and you'll have "A lace couerte" [t13].

The preceeding two braids kept the center layer completely hidden. In this "compound" version, the option of bringing concealed colors or patterns to the outside of the braid is briefly explored. The Serene ms has a wider variety of this type of braid, using 12 loops and many different color patterns.

"Compony" or "Compone" is a heraldic term describing a single row of squares in alternating colors.

Seat a partner on your right side.

Take ten departed loops, and place them on the following fingers:
Outer hands: A B C
Inner hands: B C

Arrange the same color up on all hands - the bottom color forms the outside of the braid.

Work with the inner hands:
A goes through B C inner, and takes the loop on C outer unreversed.
Lower the outer loops.

Work with the outer hands:
A goes through B C outer, and takes the loop on C inner unreversed.
Lower the inner loops.

Exchange loops on your inner hands:
Your A goes through B from within outward, and takes your partner's B unreversed.
Partner's A takes your B unreversed.
Lower A to B.

Exchange loops on your outer hands:
Both workers reverse the A loop "downward".
Put your A loop over and behind your partner's A loop, taking his A unreversed.
Both workers reverse the A loop "upward" (undoing the twist from the previous step).

Repeat from the beginning.

As desired:
Bring the second color to the surface of the braid by twisting every loop so the color on the bottom is now on the top, and continue working as before.

Tollemache 15

Lace compound couerte.
Take 10 bows and set them in your hands & work in the same manner as you did in the lace couerte [t13] and when you have wrought so much as you will then turn all your bows and work so much further forth as you did before.

Harleian 18

For to make a lace compon couerte.
Take a fellow, and work as you did in the lace couerte [h16]; and when you have wrought as much as you will, turn all your bows, and work as much as you did beforehand.