A Lace Broad Party

As written, this braid is unlike any other in the manuscripts.

It's possible that a portion of the instructions are missing, which would explain the unnecessary "reverse upward" step, as well as the inconvenient fact that the braid produced isn't really "party" (vertically striped) at all.

Because no loops travel through any other loops, this same braid could be achieved with seven two-strand elements held in the hands. Loops just make it easier to control.

Take seven loops in two colors, and place them on the following fingers:
Color 1: A B C D left
Color 2: B C D right

Work with the right hand:
A takes D left reversed upward. [*]
Lower the left loops.

Work with the left hand:
A takes D right reversed upward. [*]
Lower the right loops.

Repeat from the beginning.

[It's odd that the directions specify to reverse upward, because the loops simply trade positions in a regular pattern, so twisting the loops (up, down, or not at all) has no visible effect on the end result.]

Tollemache 62

A lace broad party of 7 bows not according to the broad lace of 7 bows aforesaid. [t23]
Take 7 bows of 2 colors and set 4 of one color over A B C D left and 3 of another color on B C D right then shall A right take the bow of D left reversed upward then low thy left bows then shall A left take the bow of D right reversed upward and then begin again.