The Same Round.

Despite what the title says, this is NOT a round version of the preceding braid, "A Launce daunce broad of twelve bows" [s13]. The instructions for this braid match those of Tollemach and Harleian for the "lace daunce" [t12], except in taking the first loop reversed rather than unreversed - making this braid round rather than flat.

"The same round" would make sense if Selene copied from a source that included a round "lace daunce", but then inadvertently left it out.

"Daunce" is a heraldic term describing a zig-zag pattern.

Take eight loops in two colors, and place them on the following fingers:
Color 1: A B - both hands
Color 2: C D - both hands

Work with the right hand:
A goes through B C D right, and takes the loop on D left reversed. (You'll have two loops on A.)
Lower the left loops.

Work with the left hand:
A goes through B C D left, and takes the loop on D right reversed.
Lower the right loops as follows:
C loop moves down onto D.
B loop moves down onto C.
With B, hook the original (inner) A loop,
pulling it over and around the new (outer) A loop and down onto B.

Repeat from the beginning.

Serene 14

The same round.
Take eight bows of the which four bows shall be of one color, and four of another, and set the four of one color upon A B of both thy hands, and the other four upon D C of both thy hands and then shall A right take through his bow, and the bows B C D of the self hand, the bow D reversed of the left hand, and then shall A of the left hand take through B C D of the self hand the bow D reversed of the right hand, and then low your bows of the right hand and begin again as before, but the bow that was before without upon A shall come through the other, and shall dwell upon A, and that that was before within shall be upon B.