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Braiding Resources


Multiperson Braids for the Single Braider

Provides an exercise for figuring out how to do 10-loop braids with only one person.


A yearly web-based newsletter that tracks information about fingerloop braiding from all over the world.

Fingerloop Braids

From the authors of "Complete Anachronist #108"on fingerloop braiding, this site contains basic instructions using different formats for different types of lerarners. Also contains the text from Serene, and a lot more information.

Lady Alheydis's Boke of Secrets

Pictures and instructions for four original braids, based on those in the 15th century manuscripts.

Medieval Silkwork. "Braiding"

A blog about creating and using medieval textiles, including fingerloop braids.

Tutorials - Loop Braiding

A blog about all types of loop braiding - medieval, modern, European, Asian, etc. Especailly helpful are the video tutorials. She also covers nice details like how to start and finish braids attractively.

Reeled Silk Suppliers

DeVere Yarns - UK

Eterna Silk - USA