Silkewerk - Braiding Manuscripts

Braiding Manuscripts

and their derivative publications

"Tollemache Book of Secrets"
A 15th century household book belonging to Lady Catherine Tollemache. The original is privately owned by the Tollemache family. Contains directions for 64 braids.

"Harleian 2320 - Article 4, ff 52r-70v"
Another 15th century household book. Contains directions for 40 braids, with a 41st one left incomplete. The instructions are nearly (but not exactly) identical to Tollemache. The original is held by the British Library. It is available in digitized format at the British Library Website.

"Serene" also called "Natura Exenterata: or Nature Unboweled"
A 17th century book focusing primarily on medical extractions, it also includes sections on household arts. The book was puportedly authored by Aletheia Talbot Howard, Countess of Arundel, however individual sections are credited to additional authors. The section on braiding is attributed to Elizabeth Serene.